London Gamer Geeks Night 3

by danhon

Wednesday 20th June saw the third London Gamer Geeks night, which continues to be described in bullet form like so:

A geeky games-type thing where we do stuff like:

  • bring your DS and swap games! (extra points for bringing a Game Gear or a Lynx)
  • shout about Sony Home! (and, by logical extension, how no one you know owns a PS3!)
  • make jokes about Second Life!
  • wail at games awards!
  • try and one-up one another about how much you love Sega!
  • proclaim your love for UK Resistance!
  • bitch about EDGE!
  • play games like Set and Blue Moon!
  • exchange invite codes to l33t betas!

at the same time as:

  • drinking.

The third meet marked somewhat of a high water mark for me as it was the first time that there were more people there I didn’t know than people I did. If that makes sense. We were joined by a whole host of people I can rather embarrassingly now not name (crap at names, crap at faces, crap at names and faces), but I do remember meeting two people from The Average Gamer with whom I played a few games of Apples to Apples (which got increasingly surreal – thanks James, for bringing that).

At least with the Average Gamer folk I got to talk about who, exactly owned PS3s (turns out that one of the Average Gamers has TWO of them in his house – two – which, in my mind goes a long way to explaining why Sony have sold as many as they have in this country, but that no one actually knows their location. They’ve all been bought by three people!). That said, the release-drought of Wii games that aren’t completely useless has meant that Nintendo’s Jesus Console has been decidedly less attractive as of late.

The next meet will be held on Wednesday 18 July – more details as soon as James and I have confirmed the venue, and this time, we may even have the quiz ready…