Lazyweb Request: Wiimote Series 60

by danhon

So here’s a London Gamer Geeks-inspired Lazyweb request – mainly inspired by Ian’s revelation that he picked up a Wiimote – and not a Wii.

Anyway. Wiimote. Accelerometers, about 64KB of RAM, a few buttons, and a speaker. Oh, and it speaks Bluetooth, but everyone knew that already.

I’ve got a phone in my pocket that would quite like to be controlled by, or at least talk to a Wiimote if only because there are certain people who call me where, to reject the call, I’d quite like to throw something to the other side of the room.

Bonus points: store a ringtone on the Wiimote and play it back when a call comes through.

Practicality as a usable phone interface? Probably quite close to nil.