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links for 2007-06-21

Leopard 9A466 Gallery | Picture40.jpg There’s some pretty ugly anti-aliasing in the stack when it’s vertically curved. I wonder which way it curves when it’s on a vertical dock. (tags: leopard apple macosx 10.5 stacks antialiasing dock thinksecret screenshot rumour) Tom Hume: Let’s have a conversation Tom splendidly distills what it’s frighteningly taking some people […]

Lazyweb Request: Wiimote Series 60

So here’s a London Gamer Geeks-inspired Lazyweb request – mainly inspired by Ian’s revelation that he picked up a Wiimote – and not a Wii. Anyway. Wiimote. Accelerometers, about 64KB of RAM, a few buttons, and a speaker. Oh, and it speaks Bluetooth, but everyone knew that already. I’ve got a phone in my pocket […]