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WWDC and Visits

I might as well just give up and write about Apple all day. Here’s what my Google Analytics stats looked like after I wrote my WWDC reactions post: Bloody Steve.

All Hail Ben Burry’s Prakbot

So my mate Ben, senior uber developer at Mind Candy has written this here thing called PrakBot. It goes a bit like this: Take, say, Skype (in fact, don’t take Skype. Its API is pants and requires you to run a fucking client, the full client, in order to do anything. Use something more sensible, […]

links for 2007-06-19

Battery life and power management on the LED-backlit MacBook Pro “Conclusion: with this kind of use, it shouldn’t be a problem to get four hours of battery use out of this laptop with a new battery. Even with heavier use, 3 hours is absolutely doable.” (tags: macbookpro led 15in apple battery arstechnica) Mac Rumors: 20″ […]