Unordered List

by danhon

Because I’m not quite in the position of being able to form coherent paragraphs (even sentences are quite dodgy at the moment), here’s a brief recap of the previous, oh, 48-96 hours in unordered list format:

  • Repeatedly trying to start a post about videogames as art that touches on such topics as: “what do you mean ‘are videogames art’? Can’t we get past this and accept them as a new medium, or are we still wondering whether the moving picture can be art, too?”
  • Coming down from Hack Day London or, rather, coming down from being struck by lightning, twice, being evacuated to the Palm hall and playing Kinky Pong. Again, good work, Coates,here’s hoping I can make it for more next year
  • Wanting to do something really quite mean to tourists who walk slowly around Covent garden while shopping
  • Doing some sort of iPhoto cleaning-out and uploading-to-Flickr
  • Thinking quite hard about Facebook and its platform
  • Meeting oodles of really quite interesting people
  • Not going to Interesting2007, and hoping to make it to Interesting2008
  • Realising that Google Docs really isn’t quite good enough