Extenuating Circumstances

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Never work with conferences and wifi

As with most conferences, the wifi at Hack Day London was working when we arrived, and within about an hour, had inexplicably stopped working. Predictably enough, hilarity ensued: It’s working now. For the time being. Apparently Cisco engineers were despatched via a suborbship from the West Coast, rappelled down the ceiling and walls of Alexandra […]

links for 2007-06-16

iPhone to Support Third-Party Web 2.0 Applications Lame press release (tags: iphone api sdk web2.0 apple pr development) Jurassic Park: Trespasser – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Seems to have had an interesting engine for 1998 (tags: jurassicpark trespasser gaming wikipedia seamusblackley) The Gamasutra Quantum Leap Awards: First-Person Shooters Yum, System Shock (tags: gamasutra quantumleap fps […]

It’s better in the flesh?

Zoe Williams has a piece up on comment is free entitled It’s better in the flesh with the strapline: Social networking sites don’t foster meaningful communication. They are a complete waste of time. The gist of the article, given that Williams is, in her own admission “a Luddite who claimed for ages that mobile phones […]