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links for 2007-06-15

GigaOM GigaOM Top 10 Most Popular MMOs « Om’s coverage (and take) on the 10 most popular MMOs is helpful in getting coverage of gaming outside of, well, gaming. Some people will be surprised. (tags: popular statistics mmo mmogs stats habbo wow sulake gigaom ommalik) Sony SVR-S500 80GB HDD Freeview (SVR-S500) Refurb Sony twin tuner […]

London Gamer Geeks Night 3

Next Wednesday, 20th June is the third London Gamer Geeks night, helpfully billed by me as: A geeky games-type thing where we do stuff like: bring your DS and swap games! (extra points for bringing a Game Gear or a Lynx) shout about Sony Home! (and, by logical extension, how no one you know owns […]