PSFK Conference London

by danhon

I gave a short talk about ARGs and Perplex City at the PSFK London Conference last Friday (1 June 2007). It was one of the shortest talks that I’ve ever done – only about 30 minutes – and as with most talks where the majority of the audience is unfamiliar with ARGs, one where the talk raises more questions than it answers just because of its brevity. Not too bad, I thought, but I did get the sense that I was rambling a little and trying to pull out the best examples for a marketing/advertising audience. The video/podcast should be up on PSFK at some point.

Here’s some reaction:

  • Comfortable Disorientation (Helen Taylor?)
  • Jeremy Ettinghausen of Penguin was on just before me, and gave a great talk about working with the Penguin brand. His reactions to the day are here
  • Oh, and here‘s a picture of me, taken by Will Humphrey

Update: George Nimeh liveblogged the talk, too.