Cheltenham Science Festival tomorrow night

by danhon

I completely forgot to post a reminder about this ahead of time – the night before (only just) isn’t really enough warning, but at least I did post about the talk I’m doing at the Cheltenham Science Festival about a month ago.

Anyway: I’ll be speaking at the Cheltenham Science Festival this year at Virtually Nowhere tomorrow night at 8:30pm.

Is online gaming the new dotcom? It is the fastest growing part of the internet, with over seven million people involved in the most popular games. Businesses have seen the potential to tap the notoriously difficult young market, doing everything from creating virtual celebrity hotels to virtual music venues. Dan Hon of Mind Candy, Hazel Grain and Jon Williams from Licorice Films investigate the truth behind the hype.

I’ll be covering:

  • changing demographics for gaming – gamers aren’t who most people think they are;
  • the changing landscape of online gaming
  • alternate reality games and Perplex City

Should be fun.