Extenuating Circumstances

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Cheltenham Science Festival tomorrow night

I completely forgot to post a reminder about this ahead of time – the night before (only just) isn’t really enough warning, but at least I did post about the talk I’m doing at the Cheltenham Science Festival about a month ago. Anyway: I’ll be speaking at the Cheltenham Science Festival this year at Virtually […]

More Google UI improvements

Google appear to be making more incremental improvements to their UI. Unlike the big-bang explosion of having Analytics being Veened, Google Calendar appears to have just done one tiny little bit of chrome, here: It’s the “My Calendars” navigation on the left hand pane of the Calendar interface. There’s a shiny “Add” now. Clicking it […]

A Smarter Naughty Words Filter

In my last few days at Mind Candy I’ve taken part in a meeting with the inestimable Roo and Ian of IBM’s eightbar (Steff, upon learning of the job titles as Metaverse Evangelists, instantly declared a competition to naturally work in “the greatest swordfighter in the metaverse” into casual conversation). For whatever reason, we got […]

links for 2007-06-06

Game | Life – Wired Blogs – Perplex City Wired’s coverage (tags: arg perplexcity gamelife wired blog mindcandy) RSS Reader for Mac – NetNewsWire NetNewsWire 3.0 launched (ahead of Leopard, too) (tags: nnw netnewswire macosx ranchero brentsimmons rss feedreader) Smart and Gets Things Done – Joel on Software Joel on hiring. (tags: joel joelonsoftware recruitment […]

PSFK Conference London

I gave a short talk about ARGs and Perplex City at the PSFK London Conference last Friday (1 June 2007). It was one of the shortest talks that I’ve ever done – only about 30 minutes – and as with most talks where the majority of the audience is unfamiliar with ARGs, one where the […]