Nokia E61, T-Mobile UK, 3G and Mac OS X Bluetooth Howto

by danhon

How’s that for search engine keywords?

Here’s a howto for the Internet Connect settings for using a Nokia E61 as a 3G Bluetooth modem on T-Mobile UK’s Web’n’Walk 3G unlimited data tariff on Mac OS X 10.4. This should work for any other Nokia 3G phone on T-Mobile’s UK network.

  • Use “*99***1#” as the Telephone Number.
  • Use “user” as the Account Name
  • Use “one2one” as the Password (the more astute among you will note here that this speaks volumes about the state of T-Mobile’s network infrastructure)
  • For the Modem, use the supplied system Nokia Infrared script

That’s it. You should be set, modulo any OS X Bluetooth flakiness. Which, let’s be honest, has a non-zero chance of occurring.