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Month: June, 2007

Not what I expected

Not what I expected when I was looking for pictures of pandas (don’t ask). I know that looking at pictures of cute animals can be additive, but I didn’t realise the condition could be quite so serious.

links for 2007-06-30

The Penguin Blog: Je fais du schmooze J’ai une fanboy! (tags: penguinblog blogger drinks hookah penguin digitalpublishing social) Sony Ericsson P1 Live Photo Gallery (MobileBurn) It might’ve been launched, but when is it going to be out via networks? (tags: sonyericsson mobileburn p1 smartphone)

links for 2007-06-29

s e e d   c a m p Saul Klein’s Seed Camp – Accel, Index, usual VC suspects (tags: seedcamp london funding accelpartners indexventures saulklein via:mattlocke) The Penguin Blog: ARGhhhhhh!!! Hello Sam! (tags: penguinblog jeremyettinghausen naomialderman mindcandy perplexcity arg gaming penguin publishing) Google Desktop Download Oooh. Hm. Beagle? (tags: googledesktop linux google ubuntu gtk […]

links for 2007-06-28

Gamasutra – H&G: Heroes’ Alexander Talks ARG Influence “There needs to be some trans-media czar who connects the creative people with the other creative people in these trans-media situations” (tags: ARG business storytelling hollywoodandgames conference heroes lost tv television tvshow gamasutra interview) Wonderland: Hollywood & Games: An Interview with Jesse Alexander “How do we find […]

links for 2007-06-27

Machinima Series Red vs. Blue Ends Tour of Duty Used to be that when you hit 100 episodes, you could go into syndication… (tags: redvsblue wired machinima tv series video) Tom Hume: Future Platforms are recruiting Future Platforms are hiring – and are highly recommended (tags: futureplatforms hiring recruiting uk brighton) The soap opera of […]

Er, yes

Yes, things have gone rather quiet here recently. Yes, I’m up to something. No, I can’t really say what it is yet. Yes, I hope to be able to say what it is, soon. Yes, it’s to do with life post-Mind Candy.

links for 2007-06-23

Gamasutra – Nintendo UK Reveals Summer Line-Up (tags: uk nintendo gaming wii release publishing via:gamasutra)

links for 2007-06-22

Variety.com – ‘Office’ sets videogame deal The Office to be casual-game-minigamed (tags: theoffice office videogame ds casualgaming gaming) MumboJumbo | Premium Casual Games These guys are making the The Office game. Stupid the The. (tags: casual gaming games online mumbojumbo developer publisher flash java) BT rolls out new ad-heavy payphones – Engadget “Designed in partnership […]

links for 2007-06-21

Leopard 9A466 Gallery | Picture40.jpg There’s some pretty ugly anti-aliasing in the stack when it’s vertically curved. I wonder which way it curves when it’s on a vertical dock. (tags: leopard apple macosx 10.5 stacks antialiasing dock thinksecret screenshot rumour) Tom Hume: Let’s have a conversation Tom splendidly distills what it’s frighteningly taking some people […]

Lazyweb Request: Wiimote Series 60

So here’s a London Gamer Geeks-inspired Lazyweb request – mainly inspired by Ian’s revelation that he picked up a Wiimote – and not a Wii. Anyway. Wiimote. Accelerometers, about 64KB of RAM, a few buttons, and a speaker. Oh, and it speaks Bluetooth, but everyone knew that already. I’ve got a phone in my pocket […]