PS3 leading cross-platform software development

by danhon

So Destructoid’s picked up on a trend that what Haze and Devil May Cry are both leading development for cross-platform on the PS3.

I have to say that this jibes with a talk given by Richard Parr at Imperial College’s GaME 07 event. Unfortunately, I didn’t take full notes, but Parr said that with Burnout Paradise, Criterion Games are leading cross-platform development on the PS3, too.

Rob mentioned that one of the techniques he’s developed at Criterion has been picking a platform to lead on: with earlier titles in the Burnout series, that’s been the PS2 – working to both the advantages (he’s happy with the vector processes that the PS2’s got, for example), and also the disadvantages – limited RAM, for one. Again, they’re repeating this process with Burnout Paradise – they’re leading with the PS3 (and seem to be quite happy with the Cell) – which they’re treating as the more “difficult” platform, I think, and then it should be easier for them to port to the ‘360.

There’s more on this in a comprehensive Gamasutra writeup of Rob’s talk.