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PS3 leading cross-platform software development

So Destructoid’s picked up on a trend that what Haze and Devil May Cry are both leading development for cross-platform on the PS3. I have to say that this jibes with a talk given by Richard Parr at Imperial College’s GaME 07 event. Unfortunately, I didn’t take full notes, but Parr said that with Burnout […]

London Gamer Geeks Night 2 (and London Gamer Geeks Night 3)

Wednesday 16th May saw the second London Gamer Geeks night, helpfully billed by me as: A geeky games-type thing where we do stuff like: bring your DS and swap games! (extra points for bringing a Game Gear or a Lynx) shout about Sony Home! (and, by logical extension, how no one you know owns a […]

SXSW 2007 – ARG! The Attack of the Alternate Reality Games Transcript

ARG! The Attack of the Alternate Reality Games Room 9C Saturday, March 10th 2007 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Part game, story and treasure hunt, alternate reality games introduce people to a world of creative play, skywriting, online games, phone calls, radio broadcasts, secret websites, blogs, texts, coded adverts, emails, hidden audio files and helicopter […]

links for 2007-05-23

Unlock Hidden TV Show Plots with Alternate Reality Games ARGs are rapidly becoming a standard complement to television programming (tags: ARG television tvshow wired heroes lost jericho 3300) “MTV VIEWERS HAVE SPOKEN WITH OVER 1.2 MILLION HITS — THEY WANT THEIR HUMAN GIANT!” MTV wanted 1m hits to their website to renew Human Giant. They […]