Mac Annoyances

by danhon

Okay, so this one is from our internal tech wiki. I posted on This is Mind Candy that we develop on an Apple platform (we don’t deploy to an Apple platform, though), and it appears that one of our internal wikis has sprung an Annoyances page. There’s one small rant about Firefox 2.x and tab bar close buttons, for example. Anyway. There’s this great section on Mac hosts files:

Mac hosts file editing:

  • Edits to hosts don’t always “take”. The incantation at this point is fuck you, Jobs:
  •  sudo niload -v -m hosts . < /etc/hosts 
  • if that doesn't work, ifconfig the ethernet interface down and up again
  • sudo ifconfig en0 down/up

(Yes, this does mean "turn it of and turn it on again" for the networking subsystem. Isn't OS X ''great''?)