Extenuating Circumstances

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Imperial College – GaME 07 – Creating Games for the Next Generation

I’m at the Games and Media 07 event at Imperial College today. Next up is: Creating Games for the Next Generation David Braben. founder of Frontier Developments. Some history for those people who haven’t heard about Elite. Chairman of Frontier: RollerCoaster Tycoon, Wallce & Grommit, Thrilville, and Outsider. The games industry is in the second […]

Imperial College – GaME 07 Introduction

I’m at the Games and Media 07 event at Imperial College today, but unfortunately just for the morning sessions. Fairly packed out – today’s event is free registration, and we’ve probably got over a hundred people in the lecture theatre. First up, an introduction from Paul Kelly, group leader of Software Performance Optimisation at Imperial. […]

links for 2007-05-17

First Impressions – Portal // PC /// Eurogamer Tom Bramwell gets to play with Portal. Git. The chase: “You certainly won’t need to focus it on Portal living up to its billing, though – judging by what I’m allowed to play, this could be one of the games by which 2007 is remembered.” (tags: tombramwell […]

Mac Annoyances

Okay, so this one is from our internal tech wiki. I posted on This is Mind Candy that we develop on an Apple platform (we don’t deploy to an Apple platform, though), and it appears that one of our internal wikis has sprung an Annoyances page. There’s one small rant about Firefox 2.x and tab […]