Out and about: PSFK Conference London

by danhon

I’ll be speaking at the PSFK Conference London on 1 June, at the kind invitation of Piers of PSFK.

The lineup, as ever, looks fantastic, and I’m honoured to be in such company as Russell Davies and Hugh MacLeod.

The blurb for me so far is:

2.00 Alternative Reality Games – Dan Hon (Mind Candy)
How to serve brand experiences with an injection of adrenalin and fun.

but I plan on giving a quick overview of Alternate Reality Games and Perplex City, covering:

  • Buzzing your players with black helicopters
  • Letting go, good narrative and story
  • Hiding secrets using military grade encryption cyphers
  • Audience fragmentation and why immersive experiences matter now

amongst lots of other seriously cool stuff. If there’s anything you’d like me to cover, please drop me a line!