London Geek Games Night

by danhon

So the London geek games night I organised a month or so back went pretty well, and rather than let a good thing die, I thought it’d be a good idea to keep it going. We had a great time, so we’re back – tomorrow night. Alice has already blogged this (thanks, Alice!), but if you haven’t already heard about this, please come along!

OUR MAILING LIST: London Gamer Geeks

WHAT: The second ever London Geek Gamers Night. May 16

A geeky games-type thing where we do stuff like:

  • bring your DS and swap games! (extra points for bringing a Game Gear or a Lynx)
  • shout about Sony Home! (and, by logical extension, how no one you know owns a PS3!)
  • make jokes about Second Life!
  • wail at games awards!
  • try and one-up one another about how much you love Sega!
  • proclaim your love for UK Resistance!
  • bitch about EDGE!
  • play games like Set and Blue Moon!
  • exchange invite codes to l33t betas!

at the same time as:

  • drinking.

These things typically devolve into a marathon session of Mario Kart by the end of the evening, so be prepared. Also, don’t be surprised if at one of these we end up having a prolonged Werewolf session, either.

If you’re someone who plays games, loves games, or works in the games industry, or (better still, loves games, plays them and is increasingly bitter and ranty about the games industry) then this is probably for you.

WHERE: Downstairs at The College Arms. Stairs on the right as you enter the pub. It’s here: (Streetmap) and here: (Google Maps). Much kudos to James Wallis for sorting out this month’s venue – if we like it, we can stay, otherwise we can decamp for next month.

WHEN: 6:30pm for 7pm, Wednesday May 16.