Last Night: Hibbert & Long

by danhon

The Mrs Danhon and I were out at London Studios last night for a pilot taping of Hibbert & Long (Mirror, Digital Spy).

The show’s about Sarah Hibbert (Montgomery) and Sarah Long (Godliman), hence the Hibbert and Long, who, Liver Birds style, share a flat and their love lives. Or lack of. Or the fact that they fight over men, which is what happens in the pilot episode, and because they’re fighting over a man, and because it’s a sitcom, and because they’re two vaguely neurotic, amusing (with hilarious consequences!) sitcom characters, we know what’s going to happen: he won’t be able to decide between the two, they’ll get slightly more neurotic and then he’ll reject both of them because, well, they’re both mental.

Yep. We’ve seen that episode of Friends.

Simon Day, the landlord, is great, though. Not much screen time, but entirely made up for it through amusing lines and menacing facial expressions.

Some entirely off-the-cuff, not-thought-through in the slightest observations by someone who has nothing to do with the TV industry other than being a passive consumer follow.

What was good:

  • Kerry Godliman (IMDB, Chortle): we liked her in Spoons, especially as the “I WANT A FUCKING BABY” woman. Well done her.
  • Oh, and Kerry Godliman’s character. Good writing there. Definitely towards the end.
  • Robot dancing. Can’t go wrong with robot dancing. Comedy gold. Sometimes. It worked here, though.

… and not so much:

  • The warmup guy. Oh. My. God. Stop saying Cock. It’s only funny a third of the time and the rest of the time, it’s just not.
  • Neither’s saying “poo” and “wee” all the time. But I digress, we weren’t there to see Warmup Guy.
  • Lucy Montgomery (IMDB, BBC). Just didn’t. At least, not at the beginning. Much better toward the end, though.
  • The writing in the first half of the show. I get that it’s a sitcom, but we weren’t too hot on contrived sitcom phrases that are supposed to be funny, e.g. “oh noes, the nasty landlord is coming in, what should we do?” “Make like rubbish!” “?” “You know, get in a rubbish sack, pretend you’re rubbish! No one patronises rubbish”. Dead air.
  • I talked with Mrs Danhon about this afterwards and said that it kept reminding me that Coupling was much better. And it was. At least, in the first couple series.
  • It was a British sitcom. So the set wasn’t amazing, and it was all a bit… well, British.
  • It was a sitcom, so we knew what was going to happen, plotwise. And it happened. And it probably should’ve been funnier.