Long Weekend

by danhon

Being a bulleted list of what I got up to over the weekend:

  • Slept. A lot.
  • Brunch over at Abbeville road with friends, and a farmer’s market. Fantastic cherry and banana bread.
  • Up early for Borough Market. Still trying to work out the best stall for bacon butties (suggestions, anyone?), taking pictures and getting annoyed that my camera ran out of charge.
  • Bumping into Jones and Foe by the avocados.
  • Forbidden Planet for Buffy #1 and #3 (#1 was a reprint, #3 was brand new and #2 was out of stock).
  • ZOMGing in Borders on Charing Cross Road over Buffy #1. They really should make a TV show out of it or something.
  • Splurging on Okami, Burnout Dominator (so sue me), Grim Fandango, Eledees/Elebits and God of War 2.
  • Watching in rapt horror/fascination as Mrs Danhon did a couple 5 hour+ sessions of Okami, with the protestation that “you brought this into our house!”
  • Feeling really rather guilty about Burnout Dominator
  • Only getting so far as the tutorial in Elebits
  • Not watching Doctor Who. Sue me. I’m still bitter about the two Dalek episodes.
  • Playing God of War 2. Having to rub my eyes a lot. Still trying to take out the Colossus.