Extenuating Circumstances

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BBC’s .co.uk Supernova coverage

It’s cool that the BBC has highlighted the interesting supernova event (interesting in that it was a little brighter than expected), but I do like the tie-in at the end of the graphic. If you like supernovae, you might also like the Star Wars exhibit! That’s no moon…

Pinch me, I must be dreaming

Wouldn’t a Joss Whedon ARG just be fantastic? I only say this because: I just came out of a head-reeling meeting, even though it might not have appeared to be outwardly head-reeling at the time; I’ve been reading Buffy #1 over the weekend; and I feel all invigorated. I’d post a link to my prior […]

Long Weekend

Being a bulleted list of what I got up to over the weekend: Slept. A lot. Brunch over at Abbeville road with friends, and a farmer’s market. Fantastic cherry and banana bread. Up early for Borough Market. Still trying to work out the best stall for bacon butties (suggestions, anyone?), taking pictures and getting annoyed […]

links for 2007-05-08

South West Trains > Graffiti +1 for South West Trains: the station I use to get in to work every morning succumbed to a graffiti attack a couple of weeks ago; the very next day it’d all been painted over (tags: southwesttrains transport graffiti brokenwindowtheory) informitv – BBC appoints Microsoft man to control future media […]

Out and about: Cheltenham Science Festival

I’ll be speaking at the Cheltenham Science Festival this year at Virtually Nowhere on 7 June: Is online gaming the new dotcom? It is the fastest growing part of the internet, with over seven million people involved in the most popular games. Businesses have seen the potential to tap the notoriously difficult young market, doing […]