Phones, May 2007 edition

by danhon

It’s been a while since I’ve written about mobile phones, and I’m pretty sure that I definitely haven’t written about them since I switched from a Palm Treo 650 to a Nokia E61. So, in the time honoured tradition of the bulleted list, I present to you: Phones, May 2007 edition.

The Nokia E61, T-Mobile UK

  • I switched away from Orange to a T-Mobile business account with Web’n’Walk for unlimited 3G data. The 3G data? Fantastic. Absolutely love it.
  • Can’t get RealPlayer on the phone to stream anything from the BBC. Can’t be bothered working out how to get it to do it properly.
  • I had to Google – Google, I tell you – to find out how to wipe the entries on the phone’s calendar once a particularly nasty iSync bug had crept in and done a wonderful job of corrupting all my data. “Delete all entries” does exist, but only in the Month calendar view.
  • … the Calendar doesn’t support different “calendars” (e.g. work, personal, etc.), either.
  • … nor does it support “all day” events, not so far as I can see.
  • Scratch all that. The Calendar’s useless.
  • I miss having a camera.
  • Fring is great for Skype, but supports group chats in a very silly way: it splits them up into individual chats with each messager.
  • Nokia’s research applications are great. Sports Tracker, for one, is good for producing KML files if you’ve got a GPS device or have one built in, and the Wellness Diary would be good if I ever remembered to update it.
  • The built-in browser is Good Enough for me not to use any of the Opera Mini/Mobile varients.
  • The messaging client doesn’t support threaded SMS messaging, which in this day and age is a CRYING SHAME. There’s absolutely no reason why text messages should be threaded by recipient and displayed like conventional IM conversations. This really pisses me off. The fact that there’s not even a good third party app that will do threaded SMS pisses me off even more.
  • The messaging client also appears to use a varient WAP browesr for opening links, not the standard system web browser. This is annoying.
  • The OS is SO SLOW it makes me want to CLAW MY EYES OUT but I can’t, because that would take THREE DAYS.

Palm Treo 650

  • It kept crashing.
  • It didn’t have 3G data.
  • It even crashed when I tried to answer a call. Not cool.
  • It was clunky and had a silly aerial. Not cool, either.