by danhon

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SXSW have just released their report card covering their 2007 Panel Ratings and I’m pleased to say that the ARG! Attack of the Alternate Reality Games panel came in at a very respectable 4.64/5, and as eleventh top-rated panel!

Thanks to everyone who took part: Alice, for doing a great job at moderating and my fellow panelists (despite not even being named as the panel moderator!) Brooke, Evan and Brian, and our audience for some great questions.

One of the feedback comments I got to see from the raw data was that a walkthrough of an iconic ARG would’ve helped with conversation and that the panel could have done with more time for Q&A. We’d originally planned to do the panel with more participants (Sean Stewart, of 42 Entertainment, was unfortunately not available to take part at the last minute, and Tony Walsh of Clickable Culture was also nominated to attend) but, given the time constraints that we had (and SXSW’s requirements), we couldn’t have added many more people and produced a good one hour panel.

I think it reflects well on our panelists that we were all pretty much in agreement by the end of the panel that we could’ve gone on for quite a bit longer taking questions (in fact, the whole thing was rather fun!). Thanks also to Alice, who when we were discussing the panel on email before meeting up suggested that we spend less time introducing ourselves and more time being able to take questions from the audience.