Extenuating Circumstances

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Hide & Seek

London gamers (I know you’re out there…) will probably be interested in Hide & Seek, being produced by Gideon Reeling. The schedule looks pretty cool, and there’s a very good chance you might be able to spot me at the Cruel 2 B Kind gig on the Sunday…


(Crossposted from This Is Mind Candy – and you can also check out the podcast now) SXSW have just released their report card covering their 2007 Panel Ratings and I’m pleased to say that the ARG! Attack of the Alternate Reality Games panel came in at a very respectable 4.64/5, and as eleventh top-rated panel! […]

Aaaand we’re up

We (re)launched two new sites today: a brand new Perplex City Sentinel, and Violet Underground, Violet Kiteway’s new blog. There’s a lot of cool stuff coming soon from Mind Candy, not least of which is the design refresh (spot the judicious use of Prototype.js, for one: thanks to our designers, for that).