Getting there

by danhon

Not quite ready yet.

My old webhost died, you see.

And before it died, well, I was in that place where:

  • you’re a little too busy (well, a little a lot too busy) to be blogging, despite wanting to;
  • the stuff that you’d like to blog about, you’re not sure if you’re allowed to blog about; and
  • you just generally have all of that life stuff going on where you’re not quite sure if you want everyone to know.

Anyway. So I’m back.

And my webhost died. And, being in a not-entirely-sound-of-mind position, I’d rather foolishly (naively, stupidly) not given any thought to the fact that since WordPress was really quite different from Movable Type in that it doesn’t/didn’t spit out a whole host of flat files all over the filesystem and instead serves the site dynamically.

That would mean that, unlike the Movable Type spew I’d created for a couple years, I’d have to back up or do a dump of WordPress’s MySQL database.

Which I didn’t do.


Well, it’s not like there was valuable content or anything in there.

Anyway: it’s getting there. I don’t know if I can be bothered wrestling with templates nowadays (and, bluntly, most of the WordPress themes aren’t that inspiring). I just don’t feel like I have the time or inclination to go rooting around trying to either fix, or create a template in the first place, aside from randomly bolting things on. Sigh. So sue me.

A few more tweaks then, and I’ll call it a day and just start posting to this thing.