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Month: May, 2007

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3pointD.com » Blog Archive » Alternate Reality Games or Fiction of the Future? I should write a response to this at some point (tags: torespond blog 3pointd arg article)

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Microsoft Surface (tags: hci computing microsoft touch interface multitouch)

Moving On from Mind Candy

So, I’m moving on from Mind Candy. I’ve been with the company since pretty much the beginning in 2004 and have seen it grow from just a few (Michael, Mind Candy’s CEO, Adrian and Justin), to the 20-something employees we have right now. I’ve worked on so, so many things since 2004. Responsibilty for some […]

links for 2007-05-29

New: Google Image Search Categories Google can search faces. Just waiting for it to start learning at a geometric rate now. Via Simon Willison. (tags: google image search face category via:simonwillison) Loud Thinking – Scaling to multiple databases with Rails Still sounds pompous, though (tags: scaling rails twitter dhh) home · LOLCODE Absolute genuis. Via […]

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Wellington Grey . net Funny American ex-pat living in London (tags: website personal funny amusing blog american expat london) Amazon.com: Demo: The Collected Edition: Books: Brian Wood,Becky Cloonan Recommended by BoingBoing (tags: comic brianwood beckycloonan teen life issues via:boingboing) Official Google Blog: Calendar for mobile devices Not really a beta. More of an alpha. Seriously […]

Bad Science Reporting: DNA, The Times

TINY implantable computers that monitor your cells for diseases such as cancer and then repair them are now a step closer to reality, reveal Harvard University scientists. They report in Nature Biotechnology how they are on track to implant genetic plans into our bodies that would tell our cells to construct the DNA biocomputers. These […]

links for 2007-05-27

Canon 50mm f1.8 II lens at B&H (tags: 50mm f1.8 canon bandh dslr lens) IMAP-IDLE: a plugin for Apple’s Mail.app 2.x Okay, so good plugin, but the alpha transparency on the flowers in that design is freaking me out. (tags: apple imap idle mail plugin macosx osx tiger) Video The Break Up – Microsoft, Digital, […]

Please excuse me

… while I play with the layout and design here (yes, I’m tweaking Derek’s wonderful DePo Clean theme). Update: I think I’m done now.

links for 2007-05-26

MIPTV featuring MILIA – The World’s Audiovisual and Digital Content Market Content 360 pitching competition for EUR 100k of funding (not a lot…) (tags: miptv milia funding broadcast crossmedia commissioning pitching) Nintendo Media Summit: Drawn to Life impressions (DS) – Joystiq Oh dear. Mrs danhon will be all over this, given that she’s still glued […]

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Crush – Gameplay – TV /// Eurogamer My brain hurts. Via infovore (tags: via:infovore crush sega gameplay video) Review – Crush // PSP /// Eurogamer Eurogamer’s review of nicely original Crush (tags: crush review eurogamer gaming psp) Broadcastnow.co.uk – Kudos and BBC develop space travel drama Oh God, it’s Firefly. “In return for their liberty […]