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Saturday, 29 March 2003

Oh, grow up

  • Lawmakers urge cancellation of military catering contract awarded to French company.
  • The French government deserves a large share of blame for every death in Iraq, including U.S., English and even Iraqi losses.
  • French's Mustard isn't French.
  • French Boycott C'est Tres Difficile.
  • Anti-French sentiment results in cancelled trade mission to Louisiana.
  • Vegas-area transportation officials want to cancel a contract for French-built busses.
  • Unease over the French flag at Little Falls, sister city of Le Bourget.
  • “I correct them. I say, ‘You mean freedom fries,” waitress Diane Ashby said, who said the change has been in place for the past two weeks, and receiving a positive response from customers.
  • House Bill 2917 in Texas would triple the state's taxes on French wine.
  • And Chirac can grow up, too.

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Brilliant Corners Mar 29, 2003 5:16 PM
Don Hon has collected some prime examples of the anti-French sentiment in this country. Cancelling contracts and re-affirming the non-Frenchness of French's Mustard are just a few examples. It boggles my mind how these people, and in one case a politic...
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