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links for 2011-05-07

Home | Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide Yes. (tags: visualsearch leaves trees) GameSetWatch – Fight Zombies, Buy Restaurants In Google Maps-Powered iPad MMO omfg. (tags: omfg gaming mapping ipad ios realworld mmog)

links for 2011-05-06

Gamasutra – News – Facebook And TrialPay To Introduce Video Ads Within Social Games Ugh. (tags: facebook gaming advertising media) Gamification 2011 | Digital Shoreditch Also wow. (tags: gamification shoreditch london) Apple vs. Google ads: What are they selling? | TiPb If you wanted to be snarky, you'd do a parody Dear Sophie ad that […]

links for 2011-05-05

Next iPad to Offer 3D Display? – Mac Rumors Crock. Of. Shit. (tags: ipad 3d rumour hollywood) The purpose of gamification – O'Reilly Radar Just wow. (tags: gamification killmenow)

links for 2011-05-04

I get mail. | jwz OK, I can't link to the comment directly, but basically jwz is turning himself into the background of Snow Crash. (tags: jwz snowcrash)

links for 2011-05-03

Gamasutra – Features – A Decade On, Halo Charts Its Course Ten years of Halo franchise (tags: halo franchise 343industries microsoft mgs gaming xbox bungie) Gamasutra – News – EA's Hasbro COO Jason Willig Joins Social Games Developer Booyah It feels like every week another senior EA staffer leaves for a social games company. (tags: […]

links for 2011-04-28

HelloRacer™ WebGL WebGL is better than you probably think it is. (tags: webgl demo racer mrdoob three.js)

links for 2011-04-25

Latest Update for PSN/Qriocity Services – PlayStation Blog "Our efforts to resolve this matter involve re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure." (tags: playstation sony psn network operations) IndieGames.com – The Weblog – Browser Game Pick: FoldingStory (FoldingStory Team) (tags: gaming storytelling indiegames) Summary of Premier Life Benefits – Barclays How to claim […]

links for 2011-04-21

Press Office Video Public Service Announcements "Patty Duke and George Takei show you how to “Boldly Go” to www.socialsecurity.gov" Wait, what? (tags: pattyduke georgetakei startrek socialsecurity government usa doubletake) Technological prognostications: A computer rebellion that wasn't | The Economist "ON APRIL 19th 2011, Skynet went berserk; two days later it began a killing spree and […]

links for 2011-04-20

Fourth Wall Marketing – Los Angeles Marketing & Advertising Agency Not the Fourth Wall you're looking for… (tags: marketing advertising) Portal 2 Comes With An…Interactive Movie Trailer? Portal 2: now with free advertising! (tags: portal2 valve super8 trailer advertising) Rovio – Home "Furthermore, we will soon launch the biggest alternate reality game with Angry Birds […]

links for 2011-04-19

Was One Video Game's Alternate Reality Marketing Campaign Worth It? Portal 2 ARG may not be complete slam-dunk success for Valve, but they're Valve, so it's OK. (tags: portal2 portal arg marketing valve)